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You’re always here to me and I always listen and i can always see you. 

just wondering, have they ever had sex or was it lovey dovey cause rivers a flirtatious tease and as far as i know, gallifreyans are packing

I’m almost 100% sure it will never actually be shown on the show that the Doctor has sex with anyone any time soon.  Maybe 10 seasons from now.  I think any adult can assume, yes, yes they have, but it won’t be addressed directly on the show.

I think you have to treat it like a kids movie…  when the Princess and the Prince get married in the end, any reasonable adult knows what that means. And adults can enjoy some of the jokes that go over the kid’s heads (like River’s “I’m a screamer.  Now there’s a spoiler for you” line), but we also know they aren’t going to show it…. and it would almost seem out of place if they did.   The only confirmation I think we would ever get of his sex life is if 20 years later his child from one of these relationships shows up. 

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